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Human Resources manual

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It’s considered that the success of any undertaking, of any initiative depends on two factors: novelty and originality of idea and those people who will implement this idea or perform it in life. The deficit of good, really fresh and deep ideas as, however, really well-educated, possessing really not ordinary capabilities and talents people existed always in the world and I am sure that such a situation won’t change in foreseeable prospect.

Each of us, choosing the way to business, establishing that point in career or determining the most comfortable position for oneself in a society, most likely, from time to time looks back around and would solve with whom one would desire to pass this way and with whom one is ready to divide expected successes and possible failures on this hard, complete of any unexpectedness and surprises way. So we choose spouses, on these values the family is born, using these principles, we acquire friends and partners to whom we are ready to entrust our well-being and well-being of those who are important to us. This is the way we select employees in GREVILLE, we create for them conditions for effective work and we protect carefully and increase their well-being.

Our carefully collected team, our professional family was under construction for many long years, was tested and checked on durability by world financial crises and frank failures in management of separate industries of economy at the level of the separate states, the largest international and national companies and corporations and always left them with honor and found right decisions. We hope, that this will last from now and on, and new projects, partners and employees of our company become additional support and elements of stability, the basis and the fertile field for growth of profitableness and prosperity of our business. GREVILLE GROUP is always open for smart people, people not comforted, people successful or wishing to become such together with us.