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GREVILLE GROUP is the independent consolidation of the investment, financial, consulting, managing and developer companies specializing on work in emerging markets in the Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS, South East Asia. In the long term perspectives, the next 3-5 years, the Group plans an exit for the markets of the South America, Gulf States and the North Africa and other territories, showing considerable potential of growth in "target" for activity of group industries and business directions. The exit on the new markets or increase in the presence will be accompanied by necessity of attraction to cooperation of a great number of local, national specialists from among the most successful, ambitious specialists who have got good education dividing our base values and interested in our business. Their knowledge, experience, understanding of features of national culture will allow us to overcome more likely the occurrence period in the markets new to us, will strengthen and will add to our competence. You always will have a possibility to choose a division and functions you wish to work in one of our companies which will correspond in the best way to your representation about efficiency and the importance of your efforts and would be remunerated in appropriate way.