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GREVILLE GROUP – private independent group of companies specializing in the support and promotion of innovative projects in the most perspective, investment-attractive areas of the modern world economy, fundraising, financial and investment management, merger and acquisition transactions in the industrial, financial services and retail, advising on the law, corporate governance, taxation and accountability and other issues related to the existing projects of the companies of the Group and its partners, as well as with the activities on asset management at the leading world stock and financial markets.

We have many times confirmed the ability to build a new business in totally unprepared, complex, field and inaccessible to the majority of market participants, seek financing, to select and integrate in new, including circle of the best specialists unfamiliar earlier to give out the qualified councils and ready decisions in the difficult situations, effectively to manage and perform operations with assets in any direction, at any level and in any, even the most remote and little-known parts of the world.

The difficulty only increases our interest in it, and the territorial distance and lack of knowledge about the potential of an asset or investment, allows us to get additional competitive advantages when working with it and add to our knowledge in the field of geography and world order.

Our project teams and teams of specialists are comprised of top professionals and experts, people of creative, talented and energetic, ready for any difficulties and to any level of complexity.