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Why Greville

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While in the past 10 years in the thick of events and achievements in the area of investment and assets management, we have gained considerable experience in the quality selection in the interests of the investor and the subsequent asset management in various sectors and areas of the world economy and the individual segments, which are the most promising and attractive for investments.

Based on competence, ability, knowledge and experience of the companies and associations of professionals of the highest level of market leaders in the matters of investment and assets management, with the ability to interact with them and involve them as experts and partners in the formation of an investment portfolio or an object for investment, we have been able to greatly expand and strengthen its competence, significantly reduce risks in working with new unknown to the general public assets and tools, increasing at the expense of the overall level of return on investment as a whole.

For more cautious investors and partners, we have created a separate set of proposals and solutions of assets and tools with fixed yield, which in combination with investments in unique, and from the more favorable for investments, real estate and infrastructure in emerging economies, has allowed investors to not only maintain but also with a certain advantage to multiply their capital during the period the global financial and political crises, unwelcome the period of ownership of assets.