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Core Values

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Success and prospects of GREVILLE GROUP inseparably linked with our special understanding of what and for whom we perform actions, guidance at a choice of this or that partner or the project. Fidelity to the principles, basic “precepts” and postulates of corporate culture, honesty and decency in relations with partners and with each other, devotedness and fidelity to ideals and the purposes of our group - that is by what we are guided in the daily life and work and that underlies all components of GREVILLE GROUP activity, is the reliable base of each acting and new project or group business.


We want to be the best among the best, to surpass and increase greatly the most courageous expectations and dreams. We overcome borders, we expand horizons and we advance competitors thanks to high efficiency in work and ability to think over each step. We are recognized leaders and, if necessary, strict teachers, reliable partners both grateful assistants and advisers for our clients because we realize advantage of one big whole instead separate, even with the most qualitative and modern components.


The serious, thoughtful, pragmatic, intellectual experts movable by aspiration to independence, intuition and cold calculation in the ability to see prospect. We are aimed to create and achieve result. We appreciate and respect competitors, in every possible way we support and we strengthen a competition sound mind.


We are able and love to study, receive and give the freshest knowledge in the most various areas and directions of a modern science. The modern young well-educated and talented businessman submitting high hopes in one person - this is an image of the employee of GREVILLE GROUPE. Any fresh scientific idea or the opening, capable to lift a general state of affairs in separate sector of economy or in a society as a whole on qualitatively new level, considerably to increase productivity and incomes in real sector or to improve quality of life of the population of the whole states or their separate territories - should get support and the prompt practical realization.

High level of internal culture.

«Everything should be excellent in the person ….». Well-known words of the world literature classic have special value for our collective. The person of low culture cannot be the great businessman. Not everyone even the most successful businessman can pretend to be the intelligent person. Culture advancement in business, instead of business in culture, cultural, highly intelligent, comfortable business for well – educated people aspiring to qualitative communications - our purposes and priorities at a choice of the basic directions and partners.


We present the team of talented, purposeful people successfully working together for wellbeing of our group, our partners and clients. We achieve great success due to harmonious teamwork of specialists in various directions worldwide.

Our vision of the future and the role in it as one of the leading investment-consulting group acting in the emerging markets having considerable potential and territories: to apply unique knowledge and the stored experience GREVILLE GROUP itself, its clients and partners in a choice and management of objects of investments, initialization and advancement new investment projects in “target” to activity of group directions and segments in the perspective markets.